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Integrity, Respect, and Clear Communication are the pillars that sustain and maintain my private practice. Please read through my policies to find out what that means to me.

With Advanced Quality Care Techniques.

Integrative Massage Therapy

Eleanor Dukes

Licensed Massage Therapist #MGS001802

My Private Practice Focuses On People Who:
• Are Pregnant
• Are Affected By Cancer
• Have A Diagnosis of Chronic Pain

Why You Should See An Integrative Massage Therapist

Ellie Dukes is highly trained in non-pharmacological pain relief. As an Integrative Massage Therapist her focus is on clients who desire to integrate a non pharmacological pain management approach to their health care regimen, whether it’s stress management or pain management for acute and chronic conditions. Ellie has experience as a massage therapist and an oncology massage research assistant in the largest cancer center in PA.

Specialty Services

Chronic Pain




"I had been dealing with pregnancy-related back and shoulder pain. Even days later, I am feeling much better than before the massage. Would highly recommend, especially for pregnant women!"


"I started seeing Ellie after a car accident to help deal with some back pain that I was experiencing. She was very helpful right from the first phone call, asking me questions about my condition and trying to figure out the best treatment plan. I've been very happy with the results. She is very knowledgeable about all of the physiology involved and can easily explain all the treatment options she offers. She maintains a clean and relaxing atmosphere and it is always a pleasant experience when I go in for an appointment. I highly recommend going to see Ellie at Trinity Massage Haven."

Keith M

It's been a painful journey since breaking my fibula over a year ago. I went to Trinity for the first time in an effort to relieve some of the pain and get some feeling back. As a trauma survivor, though, I was NOT looking forward to it, as I'm highly sensitive to touch and it produces a lot of anxiety. Needless to say, I've never been to a massage therapist before. Ellie was FANTASTIC! She walked me through the whole process, is obviously extremely knowledgeable, and gave very thorough instructions about the process going forward. (And today, my leg feels great!) I'll be returning!

Sara R

"In the midst of the pandemic, Ellie was very safe and had many protocols in place to assure a healthy environment. As for the massage, I've been seeing Ellie for many years and swear by her skill and knowledge. I highly recommend Eleanor Dukes and Trinity Massage Haven!"


"Wonderful experience! I will certainly be visiting Eleanor again. She is trauma informed and body positive and really listened."


"I am a runner and found Eleanor following an Achilles' tendon injury that had me limping around for about 6 weeks. After just 2 - 30 minute sessions with Eleanor, I was back on the road running at better than 80%. I plan to continue the sessions and anticipate a full recovery. Eleanor has been remarkable working on my sports injury - I had no idea I could recover this quickly. She is a real pro, very knowledgeable."

Gene S

"I have been seeing Ellie since I started going through chemo - almost 10 months now. Getting massages done by her is one of the few things that's made me feel good during this really hard time in my life. I always leave feeling better than when I came in, both physically and emotionally. I recommend her to anyone, but especially to those going through any kind of physical stress or trauma - it's the best way to relax."

Lexi R.

"I've been seeing Ellie for several years. She is a skilled therapist with many years experience. I always feel much better after seeing her. As a physician I appreciate that she has been a provider of therapeutic massage for oncology patients at The University Of Pennsylvania Hospital. A highly trained top professional massage therapist. Definitely recommend you see her for massage therapy."

Curt P

"Love my massage days! From the greeting to the full service and wrap up, Ellie is in tune and activate wellness from inside out. She is highly competent and inclusive of your total body response which is part of what is appreciated most. If you are interested in quality, sensitive care and respect of you as a total experience-- You will value and love massage with Trinity Massage Haven"

Mary M

"Sometimes it takes a lockdown like Covid-19 to make you appreciate some things you take for granted like the massage services from Ellie. Over the past few years I have been a client and over the past few weeks there isn’t a service I wish for more. Chasing around my 5 year old, no sleep, migraine, strained session...Ellie would make it all disappear! She constantly is learning new treatments and techniques to serve her clients better. She is definitely one of the best."

Shannon M