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Whoo lordie miss caludie in 1840!

That was a heck of a challenge.

Special thanks to Kellie Wise for inviting me to take the challenge of blogging everyday for 31 days in the month of August. I am definitely out of my comfort zone for blogging.  I started a few days late but I was determined to finish on the 31st of August.

Blogging was not easy for me. My grammar needs work. However I quickly discovered Elance.com, where, for less than $200 I had 31 blogs edited as fast as I could write them. My editor Chrissy is a mom, and new grand mom; she understood the content for my prenatal audience. She also stuck to my style of writing, whatever that is, ha-ha. My intention was to write fun, engaging and informative material for my readers. I truly hope that I achieved my goal.

I did not write a blog everyday. What worked for me (while juggling 3 kids going back to school, laundry, being a sole proprietor and a wife) was writing my topic headings and then sitting down to write the blog itself a day or two later. I often found that when I started on a topic, it quickly changed direction and then transitioned into a totally different topic. I read at least 10 to 15 blogs written by a group of talented licensed massage therapists every day.

I learned:

  • To help my hip pain
  • A new way to make gift certificates
  • How to massage my pet
  • To develop a list of blog topics
  • How to make my blog evergreen
  • A few tax and marketing tips
  • How to be fascinating (I already am – but I didn’t even know HA)
  • How to do nothing ( aka relax, yeah, really hard for me)
  • How to keep towels warm for outcall massages

And many more tid bits.

Another reason I wanted to be a part of the challenge is because there is a trophy involved. Heck yeah, I want a trophy. It would be my first trophy ever. I can’t wait to give my thank you speech. Hint. Hint.

I will continue to blog once a week, maybe twice if I am inspired. But after seeing that I can push out 4 blogs in a day, I now have the confidence to write the book for my kids that I have been dreaming of doing for some time now. I just have to put a deadline on it, and it will move from a dream to a realized goal.

I will never forget the summer I literally wrote 31 essays that motivated me to write a book.

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