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Postpartum massage is as crucial as prenatal massage. The journey of growing a baby for nine months and the marathon of childbirth undoubtedly take a toll on your body. To facilitate a faster recovery, it’s essential to prioritize proper sleep, rest, light movement, nutrition, and hydration. However, most new moms are so occupied with caring for their newborns that they often neglect self-care.

Caring for a new baby introduces a new set of aches and pains, making it vital to address them to prevent long-term injuries. Postpartum massage not only aids physical recovery but also has a positive impact on mental health, potentially helping with postpartum depression.

What is a Postnatal Massage?

A postpartum massage can be received anytime within the first year after giving birth. In fact, it is recommended to start as soon as the day after delivery, with the initial session often referred to as a “labor recovery massage.” This specialized massage, performed within the first four days after childbirth, focuses on aiding recovery from the intense experience of labor.

Unlike a typical massage, a labor recovery massage employs light pressure and broad strokes, avoiding deep targeted pressure points. The emphasis is on a full-body massage to promote relaxation and boost overall circulation. Since the body undergoes significant stress during labor, it’s crucial to avoid overstimulation in the initial postpartum days.

Working with a massage therapist specially trained in postpartum massage is essential to ensure a safe and effective recovery.

Boosting Lymphatic Drainage

Pregnancy increases body fluids by 50%, and a postpartum massage can help reduce swelling and eliminate toxins, promoting faster recovery.

Increasing Blood Flow

The prolonged positions during labor can decrease circulation, but a gentle, full-body postpartum massage can enhance oxygenated blood circulation, providing nutrients to muscles and boosting immunity.

Note: Consult with your medical professional before starting any massage therapy, especially after a c-section, which may require an extended recovery period.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage

Better Sleep

Massage encourages the release of endorphins, promoting natural pain relief and improving postpartum sleep quality.

Enhancing Breastfeeding

Postpartum breast massage can increase prolactin levels, aiding in milk flow and production, potentially preventing issues like mastitis.

Reducing Neck Pain and Tension Headaches

Postpartum massage can relieve tension caused by breastfeeding or bottle feeding, preventing headaches and promoting overall well-being.

Reducing Back Pain

Targeting lower back pain postpartum is safe after the initial months, offering relief and aiding in recovery.

Reducing Wrist Pain

Loose joints postpartum can lead to wrist pain, and a focused postpartum massage can address and relieve discomfort.

Relieving Achy Legs/Feet

Postnatal massage can aid in the recovery of foot arches and reduce swelling in the legs.

Managing Postpartum Blues

Massage can be a helpful tool in managing symptoms of postpartum blues and depression.

Safe Positions and Considerations

Your massage therapist will assess the best position based on your postpartum condition. For those cleared to lay on their stomach, additional breast support will be provided for comfort and safety.

Including Your Baby

If you’re a new mom without an extra set of hands, scheduling your postpartum massage during your baby’s naptime is ideal. The massage therapist can offer suggestions and tend to your baby if needed. Alternatively, you can place your baby nearby in a carrier or playmat.

Extending the Benefits

In the week following your postnatal massage, maintain the effects by staying hydrated, practicing self-massage, incorporating light movement, and performing recommended stretches.

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