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pillsOh yes, the pregnancy aches and pains are a part of the process. Just because they are common doesn’t mean that you have to suffer through them. Though you may be apt to take some medication or feel destined to live the next nine months with pain and discomfort, know that there is some excellent help to be had!

STOP! Before you reach for the Tylenol or Aspirin for your pregnancy aches and pains consider Complementary Alternative Medicine or C.A.M. You can find relief through natural methods and enjoy your journey through pregnancy knowing that you are doing something good for you AND for your baby!

What you may not realize is that something as simple as pregnancy massage can offer rewarding benefits. What you may not know is that the aches and pains don’t have to be so common. Sure your body is going through a lot but you don’t have to put up with it. Turning to complementary alternative medicine and other natural remedies can help you to feel normal again!

So What Exactly Is C.A.M?

Recognizing the need for alternative medicine, particularly during pregnancy, is the first and most important step in the process. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine defines C.A.M as a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine.

Complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine and alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. This doesn’t mean that modern medicine is wrong. It also doesn’t warrant you turning your back on modern medicine forever.

There are some wonderful applications for modern medicine, many of which may come in handy during labor and delivery. What this does mean however is that sometimes a more natural method may help—particularly with something as common as aches and pains!

If you could get relief from something as common as back pain during pregnancy through pregnancy massage then wouldn’t that be worth trying? If you could ease the discomfort that you feel through common aches and pains through natural methods, isn’t that worth the investigation? Complementary alternative medicine works off of that method and mindset—and it really does work!

Natural Applications with Helpful Effects

So you recognize that complementary alternative medicine has its place. You also know that you want to utilize as little medication as possible for the sake of the baby. What now? How can you embrace this type of treatment in your pregnancy? You will find that some simple changes and natural methods can give big time relief and make aches and pains a thing of the past. Try a few of the following methods that are beloved by pregnant women everywhere.

  • Use Heat: Use an electric heating pad, heated water bottle, microwavable heated pillow or a sock filled with uncooked rice and heat in the microwave for about three minutes. Place on the areas of tension and hold there for a few moments. This will help to relax your aching muscles while you rest a bit and actually put your feet up.
  • Get some exercise: Sure it may not sound like something that you are so interested in during pregnancy, but it really can help! The truth is that if you sit too long, you will get stiff. Get up and take a walk, do some mild stretches. Keeping active will help to fight off a lot of types of pain, like low-back pain or leg pain. It keeps fluids flowing in and out of your tissues, too. Aches and pains be gone and you will actually enjoy a healthier and happier pregnancy—and a faster recovery after baby is born too!
  • Use extra pillows: Pillows are your best friend when you’re pregnant. Around four months pregnant, I got my first body pillow. It helps to know that sleeping with a pillow between your knees helps keep your body aligned better, putting less strain on your back. Later, a second body pillow behind your back or one of those giant, wrap-around pillows may be a good idea. You need support from all angles. When you’re sitting, put a pillow behind your back if you need it. Do whatever you need to do to support your body properly; it will cause you less pain! For starters, check out my favorite pregnancy body pillow.
  • Take a bath: One of my favorite stress relievers when I was pregnant, and now all three of my kids love the water and love to take their baths. Warm water in the bath, massaging water jets, or even a hot tub (in not so hot temperatures) also provides relaxation and stress relief. They help tops to increase circulation while helping muscles relax and reducing pain. If you suffer from cankles, the temporary feeling of weightlessness will be one of the greatest feelings in your pregnancy! The aches and pains will be gone, you will feel relaxed, and this creates long term happiness for all!
  • See a Prenatal Massage TherapistIt’s worth it to go as often as you go to your prenatal visits — monthly in the first trimester, then bi weekly in the second trimester weekly as you get close to your due date and more uncomfortable. The investment offers some far-reaching benefits for you throughout your pregnancy! Pregnancy massage also helps to loosen the hip flexor muscles to prepare for pushing baby out. It aids in decreasing anxiety, as well as creating far less physical discomfort and helps you to focus on your growing baby. Pregnancy has many twists and turns throughout what will inevitably be a wonderful journey. If you want to enjoy your pregnancy for all that it is then turn to pregnancy massage to ease the aches and pains, reduce the discomfort, and allow you to have a more enjoyable and wonderful pregnancy overall!

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