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Prenatal massage is my specialty. As a prenatal massage therapist, I have taken extra training to provide the safest and most comfortable massage available during your pregnancy. I’ve also been practicing prenatal massage for ten years and counting. Here is a snapshot of what to expect in one of my prenatal massage treatments.

What to expect:

When you call to schedule your appointment, I may not answer right away; I apologize in advance. 95% of the time I am in a massage session and cannot answer my phone. However, my lovely voice mail will direct you to my website to schedule the next available appointment.  Yes, you can schedule your massage appointment online. It’s quick, easy, secure and user-friendly. This option is perfect when you are considering a massage late at night and don’t want to wait to call in the morning.

If and when you schedule your appointment online, I will call to touch base, give directions if needed, ask a few questions to prepare for your prenatal massage and to help you prepare for your massage session. You can also read my FAQs page for more info.

On the day of your appointment give yourself some time if you do not know the area. Walk down the short pathway thru the garden. My office is private, away from traffic and noise, very comfortable and clean.

What I use in the treatment:

You do have to complete a health assessment form (arrive ten mins before) and chat a little about your needs and how I can help facilitate your healing. I offer the choice of several different positioning options for your massage.  These are either side-lying, semi-reclined or I use the bodyCushion™. I use the bodyCushion™ so you can lay face down with ease and comfort and it is very safe for you and your baby. Warm towels are applied to the treatment on the back and feet. Here is a short video demonstrating how it works.

Source: Youtube ~ bodyCushion Positioning For Pregnancy Part 3 of 3

I know how it feels to be pregnant; I know the aches and pains, the good days and the not so good days. I also know and have personally experienced the nurturing, therapeutic benefits of prenatal massage can have on an expecting mom. So come on in, leave your aches and pains on my pregnancy cushions.


5 Star Review 

Relaxing Prenatal 

” Eleanor gave me two prenatal massages, one at 33 weeks and one at 38 weeks ( 2 days before I was induced). She checked in with me a few times during the massage to check for pressure and concentrated on my lower back and once I flipped over. which was my sorest area. The cushions that cradle your belly and allow you to lay on your front are comfy- I never felt any pressure on my stomach or ribcage. I plan on returning for regular massages in the future. Highly recommend!!!”  ~ Karen S 

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