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Is it safe to receive a massage in the 1st Trimester?

You may have if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant you should not receive a massage in your first three months of being pregnant.  Many license massage therapists will not provide pregnancy massages during the first trimester. Many spas and licensed massage therapist may ask that you bring a doctor’s note recommending massage.  The reason they/we ask for a Dr’s clearance is that at this time the potential for a miscarriage is great in some women. Prenatal massage experts argue that pregnancy massage does not, in itself, cause a miscarriage, but there has not been any researching done to show a link between a massage and miscarriages. (Honestly how many pregnant women would sign up for that study), Due to miscarriages occurring in the first trimester for many reasons, many prenatal experts counsel against massages in the first three months of pregnancy only to deter from the potential lawsuits should a miscarriage happen to occur.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine recommends all pregnant women to consult with their OBGYN before seeking out a prenatal massage.  If you are in your first trimester,  and still not sure or confident you can receive a prenatal massage at Trinity Massage Haven, please call, and we can discuss your concerns in detail.

I believe it is important to inform your OBGYN of all complementary and alternative medicine service you are considering during your pregnancy.  It is also important for your Dr. to know who your alternative health care professionals are. Should there be any questions or concerns, both your health care practitioners can communicate and educate each other with regards to you and your baby’s wellbeing.

When should a  pregnancy massage be a no go?

Prenatal Massage is perfect for mom’s with a low-risk or healthy pregnancy; there are times prenatal massage may not be suggested, or a Midwife/OB consent is requested:

  • High blood pressure
  • Blood clots/Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T)
  • Bleeding / Leaking
  • If the pregnancy is  high risk (depending on the reason, some techniques may be avoided)

If at any time during the massage you are uncomfortable or feel any internal discomfort, please speak up so I can alter your massage or make other changes so that you may be more comfortable.

How late in my pregnancy can I get a massage?

You can get a prenatal massage a late as being on your due date, days or weeks past your due date. In fact, you can have a massage during labor if you have a doula or support person with you. Massage can help you calm your anxiety and aid your body to relax so that you can be ready emotionally, mentally and hopefully physically.  If you choose to come in for a prenatal massage close to your due date or after your due date, consider having someone else to drive you. You may want to sit back and relax on the way home.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to help calm your anxiety, reduce lower back and hip discomfort at any stage of your pregnancy you can use my online scheduler to book the next available prenatal massage.

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