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It was December of 2008, and my daughter was due any day. I was at Walmart getting a newborn medical kit with the suction bulb for stuffy noses and an extra bottle of Mylicon Infant Gas Drops. I waited in line patiently with my hand on my low back swaying to relieve pressure off my hips and ankles.

Then this terrible screaming high pitch noise came from over my shoulder  ” Oh my Gosh you are beautiful” ( In my head: I know that lady do I know you?”) Then she puts both hands on my belly and her ear up to my stomach…


Why do people think its ok to touch a pregnant mother’s belly? Some people think it is ok to just walk up and start rubbing on your belly.


It is not OK to walk up to a stranger and start touching body parts so WHY on earth would people think it’s ok to rub a pregnant woman’s belly?

Mom’s let me give you some SASSY Kung Fu Walmart line tips.

  1. Don’t be shy to say NO or block or slap their hand like a kid that is about to touch something he/she should not be touching. It’s your body. Speak up! Find your voice! Let me have it. It’s ok everyone will be on your side.
  2. Be firm you can say “ I don’t let strangers touch my baby”. If baby were in his/her stroller would you let a stranger walk up and touch him/her? NO! You would be in Lioness mode protecting her cub.
  3. Work your kindergarten kungfu double hand rotation paddle smackdown. That will freak them out.

Why do people touch pregnant bellies?

Can you believe is some cultures it’s believed to bring good luck to the person? Maybe I would allow it, if it were another woman trying to get pregnant, then I would understand her trying to catch it like it’s a cold by touching the belly. Most people cannot believe there is a miniature person curled up in there. We know it’s a blessing it’s a miracle, but not everyone has the privilege to touch the sacred belly.

Of course there will be times when you want some to rub on the belly. Once the baby starts moving and can be felt easily from the outside, you will want to share this special time with someone. Friends, family member, spouse, or partner, but not the stranger at Walmart.

Oh, It gets better!  Walmart Auntie took her ear off my belly and moved in for a hug. I lifted both my hands in a claw-like manner and groped both her breasts. She screamed and said, “lady you are nutts.” I said, “takes a nutt to know a nut to call a nutt a nutt” then there was laughing and ooooohing. Then I yelled “stranger danger.”
Honestly I didn’t care if anyone thought I was mean or could have handled it better. I was due in a few days, feeling fat, miserable and in pain. Besides, it was Walmart anything could happen.

And in case you reading this and thinking what the big deal is? The big deal is it’s illegal in PA. So before you go touching random bellies know you could be charged with harassment. And mom’s know your rights and speak up.

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