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I have had online booking option for a few years now. But recently I changed to another company that is a more secure site and has better features. Massage Book allows me to keep track of packages and gift certificates, write newsletters, store credit cards, process credit cards as well as make reminder notes on the client account. You do have access to your account also once you’ve created a username and password.

Available 24/7

The best thing about having an online schedule integrated into my website is that is available 24/7. My business hours are by appointment only, and I do not have a front desk with someone answering the phone. Online booking is an awesome option for when I am in a massage session and cannot get to the phone. Yes, you do have to create a username and password. This step is placed to protect your information. I do abide by HIPPA Laws. You can go to my site, click the button and follow the steps to book your massage. It is very user-friendly. I have a few elderly clients that utilize it monthly.

I work with lots of prenatal moms and some work at home moms, I get an appointment at odd times of the night and morning, so it works well for people working long and odd hours of the day and night. Also, it helps us not to play phone tag or email back and forth trying to find a right time for you to come in.

When scheduling online, you do have to use a credit card to hold your appointment for the first massage. You can also get familiar with my policies about having a credit card to hold your appointment. If you lose your password, I can send you a temporary one via email.

Email Alert

Once you have made your appointment and I confirm the appointment, you will receive an email with the date, time of your session and a health assessment form attached to the email. Please complete it and bring it with you. Doing so will help expedite our first time together efficiently. If you forget, don’t worry I have copies in my office.

Text Message Alert

24 hours before your massage appointment you will get a reminder of your appointment time with me via text message if you added your cell phone to your user account. (This is automated text if you reply I will not get it). See cancellation/no show policy.

Try it out. Book your massage Today! 

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