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The body has a natural daily clock (circadian rhythm), it also has a weekly clock (circaseptan rhythm). Circaseptan rhythms are just that: body rhythms that run about seven days in length.

An understanding of circaseptan rhythm has lead me to more fully appreciate the fact that I need to pay attention to weekly rhythms to protect my own health and the health of my clients.

From a historical standpoint, the weekly cycle has huge significance. We keep a 24-hour day based on the earth revolving on its axis. We keep a monthly cycle based on the periodicity of the moon. The year is based on the earth’s circling the sun. But what is the week based on? Some have estimated over the years mankind came to the conclusion that no other weekly cycle blended well with our internal rhythms.  During the French revolution, they experimented with a ten-day (metric) week, with disastrous results. (10 days in a week? Asinine!)

However, others have pointed to an even more compelling reason for the existence of the weekly cycle: it is the way that God created us. Indeed, in the first of the scriptural books of Moses, the seven-day weekly cycle is described as part of God’s design in creation. That cycle is described as, consisting of six days of work, followed by a Sabbath day of rest.

I need one day where I set things aside and experience a true rest. That does not mean I sleep the whole day (well sometimes I do) take maybe 2 short naps in the day. Instead, I use it as a day for recreation, for reflection, for meditation, and for focusing in on spiritual values in church. Whether you keep the seventh day of the week as I do (from sundown on Friday evening to sundown on Saturday evening in harmony with the biblical injunction) or a different 24-hour period, there is a benefit to observing one specific day in seven as a day of rest.

Some of us have to schedule sleep even though we have not finished all of our work for the day. Many of us have learned by experience that it is best to go to bed on time. In the same way, even if your work for the week is not completed.

P.S. I’m going to bed after I finish the next 2 blogs.

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