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Whenever people ask me ” so what do you do? ”  the next question that follows is usually “ is your massage place in your home?” Although that would be the most excellent option for a mom of 3 (18, 12 and 10 yrs old) to work from a home office, my home does not have the accommodation for a home office. However, I’m glad it does not because my children are very energetic and most days the noise levels are less than soothing.

Trinity Massage Haven LLC is a hidden gem, tucked away in Blue Bell Village, a red and white country barn themed business park located in historic Blue Bell, PA since 2011. Clients can walk up to my office through my beautiful (when in bloom) perennial garden, through my door and right into my waiting room. My waiting room seats two people.  You and your guest if you brought someone with you. My treatment room is located immediately inside, separated from the seating/intake area by a door that can be locked. I also have a spacious bathroom with huge mirrors.

I love that my office is not in my house because it gives me great a sense of accomplishment/ownership and gratitude that I can drive to a location where I provide relaxation and comfort for my clients.  I love my “ Massage Haven” because I believe it creates a personal, efficient, and unique customer experience; here’s how:


# 1 PEACE AND QUIET: I don’t have a front desk phone with ringing phones, or colleagues hurrying about, opening and closing doors, or other clients talking loudly in the next room over. Thanks to being tucked behind the other buildings, surrounded by trees and some wildlife you do not hear street noise or sidewalk traffic during your massage. It is quiet. Allowing your mind to relax and the treatment to be more efficient and effective.

# 2 IN CONTROL OF COMFORT: If you are warm or chilly, I can fix that, instantly, without even leaving the room. My treatment room has baseboard heaters within the room and a portable heater, allowing me to adjust heating. Oh, and my table is heated. I have an air condition unit as well as an extra fan for keeping the cool air circulating. I also have a closet full of linens, bolsters, and pillows so I can ensure every client is optimally comfortable.

# 3 ON TIME, ALL THE TIME: Because it is just me when you show up, we can start. There’s no time you have to kill in a waiting room alongside reading old trashy magazines. I value your time as well as mines.

# 4 FREE PARKING: The office complex has free parking. No need to search for a spot, pay to park in a ramp, feed a meter, walk two blocks, or worry about your car getting dinged in a lot. You can come in your favorite vehicle (if you have a few of them) and it will be safe. There’s always a spot for you here.

Your’s in Health,


Are you searching for a Licensed Massage Therapist, who knows the ins and outs of muscle, aches,  pains, stress and how to relive it, look no further! I’m Ellie Dukes, Licensed Massage Therapist-specializing in prenatal and oncology massage therapy for 12 years. However, I offer an array of massage services that can help combat stress. Visit me at Trinity Massage Haven in Blue Bell PA. Call to Schedule your appointment today at 267-584-3015 or Book online now.


5 Star Review 

Very Nice

“I have had many massages, and Ellie gives by far one of the best I have had. Her studio is also quite nice with a sincere ambiance of relaxation and healing energy. Definitely treat for my body and soul.” ~ A.B 

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