5 Reasons Why You Might Hate Getting Massages


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1. Relaxation Mind Struggle

The truth: you may be having trouble enjoying your “me time” because you are working too hard at relaxing! Humans are working at playing the way we have learned to work at living. We live in an era that makes it hard to unwind and relax. The demands of life are intense and never-ending. We have come to compare success with achievement, and achievement with happiness. Although we make plans to have a relaxing evening or weekend, many of us never manage it. You can achieve body, mind & spiritual peace; it does take some practicing.

2. Body Image

How you SEE your body is your perception of body image. When a person is not happy with the way he/she looks, they may isolate themselves because they feel bad about their appearance. I’ve had people say to me “I’m too big for a massage” or I don’t want you rubbing my fat.” If that is your thought process, I say to you. You are NOT too big/small for a massage! Massage Therapist is not judging your body type, all we want to do is help you relax and be pain-free.

3. Inappropriate Touch

Physical contact and advances and any other unwelcome physical or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature is a form of sexual harassment. Some people who are survivors of abuse have a difficult time receiving a massage; this is entirely understandable. Positive and Therapeutic touch can help survivors feel loved and safe again. You do have to find a skilled, compassionate, patient and professional therapist that has worked with survivors that can help you navigate and find the type of treatment that works best for you.

4. Perception of Control

Yes sometimes you may be undressed on the massage table, and that can make you feel a bit out of control and vulnerable. I tell all of my clients ” you are in control of your session, speak up when you want to, and you can end the massage at any time for any reason.” I somewhat over-communicate YOU are in control of your body and who you allow to touch you in any manner.

5. It may not be your love language

Some people are more carefree with touch because it is their love language. People who love language is touch don’t friends, touching their arm, or shoulder without permission. Some people do not like anyone touching them other than their kids and significant other. Another reason is the negative perception of what massage is NOT!.

The Takeaway

While this list only scratches the surface of why some people don’t like to be touched. I believe the benefits of massage outweigh the negative perception one may have about therapeutic touch.


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