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Injuries that Occur on the Golf Course

    • The full golf swing (backswing and follow-through) rotates the spine with a lot of force and little control
    • Lumbar spine muscles strain to help provide force for the golf swing
    • Disc and facet joint loading increases to help provide force for the golf swing
    • Bending over to pick up the golf bag and carrying it can strain muscle 

Useful tips to avoid lower back injury on the golf course

    • Learn proper form and posture for playing golf, including a smooth, rhythmic swing in good balance.
    • Choose a golf bag with a built-in stand and dual straps
    • When picking up a golf ball, bend at the knees or get a device for your putter that lets you retrieve the golf ball from the hole without bending over.
    • Think about hiring a golf professional, experienced at teaching golfers with bad backs who can explain postures and techniques that reduce and prevent back pain…I actually know a great golf assessment physical therapist, if you need a referral.
    • Get a massage from Trinity Massage Haven to help with acute and chronic pain.

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