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I’m so over SUMMER! Can you believe your massage therapist who was born and raised on a tropical Island is over summer?

However, I am over the moon happy because my three kids are back in school. They were sick and tired of me being around, making them do chores and special projects. I’m especially excited to get back into a routine with my healthcare regimen. I need my massages darling, let’s not get that confused!

Can you believe all summer I only had one massage? That is a big no-no in my book. I won’t be doing that again. I usually get a massage no less than a 90 minutes massage every month. Oh yeah, I practice what I preach about getting massage regularly. But this year, I found it a bit harder to do. I noticed I chose to go home and sit on the porch with ice tea (sometimes spiked) or hang out with my kids watching them do something fun. But I did feel like something was missing all summer. Then when I finally got two days of bodywork last weekend, the lights went off. Yes, honey, I said TWO DAYS!

I finally got my bodywork done when I took a Prenatal Thai Massage Class. For two days I learned over 50 new amazingly helpful techniques to help moms to alleviate or minimize pain and discomfort in their hips, lower back, legs, feet, etc. What is Prenatal Thai Massage? You ask. Check out this link for more information. But let’s not stray off topic (I know I do that a lot).

I also received all those amazing techniques on my own body. Boy oh boy, let me tell you how I slept like a log. On Monday when I came back from taking my daughter to school, I ate breakfast then went right back to bed and did not wake up until 1:30 pm. My body needed that REST to RESET and RECONNECT!

How many times have you ditched your massage because you told yourself ” oh I can skip it this week,” ” I’ll book next week” or my favorite one of all times,” I can’t afford it right now.” or
“massage is a treat.” Why would I not want to “treat” body to a good healthy TREATment to keep me functioning at full capacity so I can be whole and complete, stress-free and pain-free for my clients as well as my family? So, I won’t be doing that again.

Let’s be honest we will pay for what we need and what we want when we want. Am I I right? So I WON’T be doing that again. I’ve scheduled all of my massages for the rest of the year as a commitment to myself. Did you know that a one-hour massage is only $20 a week if you saved for it?

Did you know at Trinity Massage Haven if you purchase a package you can save money and get free upgrades? Ok, I think you get the point. I won’t be slacking on my massages anymore.

So let’s get back on track together. Let’s FALL back into our massage routines. Take a moment to CARVE out some time for a massage this month.

P.S It has nothing to do with the pumpkin spice mania that goes on at fall I promise. In fact, check this out, I gotchu pumpkin spice haters.

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