Things I Needed While I Was Pregnant


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  • Two good pairs of pregnancy jeans and a pregnancy jacket if pregnant in the wintertime.
  • BIIIIIG underwear
  • Socks without a tight cuff
  • A body pillow for when sleep got wickedly uncomfortable
  • A super large towel or two since my standard bath towels did not wrap around me once my belly bloomed.
  • An abundance of stretchy yoga pants and loose shirts; you may be able to keep wearing clothes from your existing wardrobe for the first couple of months, but eventually, you will need to begin wearing pants and shirts that are comfy on your growing belly. I got away with just buying non-maternity clothes in bigger sizes for the majority of my pregnancies. The things I did have to buy in maternity were jeans, a dress, and a bathing suit. You can buy all maternity if that’s what you want, but just be aware that prices are {usually} way overpriced–so make sure you look in the sale section or at maternity!
  • A bottle of TUMS
  • I needed people to stop touching my belly without asking.
  • I needed people to quit teasing me about getting fat. I needed people to stop telling me “horror birth stories.”
  • I needed emotional support as my pregnant hormones ran amuck. I needed words of wisdom from experienced mothers who could reassure me that yes, I would indeed be a good mom.
  • Pregnant Friends
  • A big Purse
  • Bed Side table snacks; I was always so hungry. Even in the first trimester with nausea, I found if I had food in my belly it felt better. Later on, in my pregnancies, I would get so hungry if I woke up to pee, it was like my body needed to have constant fuel-ups! I had a little dish with trail mix, crackers, and some chipped ice.
  • Massage! I needed massages and I got them. Not the light fluff and buff massages. Not the massage that required avoiding my ankles with no solid proof that it can actually harm my baby or put me in labor. In fact and truth there is no scientific evidence to support that claim so therefore it’s a myth.

Finding a massage therapist that specialized in prenatal massages and have experience with being pregnant and giving birth a few times is very slim. I vowed to be the type of massage therapist that listened to pregnant moms need and debunk pregnancy myths with science and good ole common sense. If you are looking for someone with massage expertise knowledge, experience being pregnant and a mom look no further. You found her! Mom of 3 providing prenatal massages for 10 years in Blue Bell PA!

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